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iOS App Development Trends for 2021

A significant reason behind the huge development of handheld gadgets, particularly mobile phones or smartphones is the accessibility of different versatile applications wrapped with splendid features and astounding utilities. From information updates, communication with family, and friends to entertainment, the modern world is heavily dependent upon mobile applications. Seems like the mobile apps have come to the rescue enabling life easy.

With the evolution of the iPhone, Apple is now ready with new breathtaking future iOS trends and technologies. With the introduction of iOS app development trends in 2021, customer’s lives have become more comfortable. Whether you admit it or not, but iOS mobile applications have taken center stage to foster customer loyalty and broadening businesses.

The mind-blowing success of the iOS mobile application is not hidden from any individual. But what factors are responsible for the victory of iOS application? Of course, unique features and great performance are the keys. But, both the factors are segregated into two categories, that are user-centric and Business-centric.

Customer-centric features

  • Attractive design
  • Offers quick access to the service desk
  • Well-thought-out UI & UX
  • Stable and reliable workflow
  • Covers user’s expectation and needs based on the specific service they utilize
  • Provides 100% data protection

Business-centric features:

  • Low cost of future development and maintenance
  • Offers quick and secured payments
  • Easy update procedure
  • Encourages user retention
  • Data-breach protected

Today, the mobile device is surprisingly affecting business models and the marketplace with a higher rate of transformation. With the upcoming year 2021, the revenue generated by the mobile industry reportedly reaches $693 billion. Well, implementing the right mobile app development strategy is not enough, one needs to be aware of the latest market trends, futuristic approach, and advanced technology to strengthen the app. So let us move ahead and find out the promising trends for iOS mobile app development to outsmart your competitors.

Top trends that will rule the iOS App development in 2021:

The advent of big data

Undoubtedly, big data enhances the accuracy of iOS application development. Big data analytics companies offer collaborative information by studying consumer’s habits of buying products and services. It helps businesses with innovative ideas to create client-driven mobile applications.

Determining the current market trends based on data research, big data experts help business owners to simplify their business processes and gain maximum popularity. Big data benefit have no restrictions if offers advantages like:

  • Real-time data
  • Better sales conversion
  • Set new marketing trend
  • Understand crucial aspects of the future app
  • Get data insights

Latest Sirikit

Siri is the most popular assistant across the globe. The latest Sirikit design has a new dense design. It assists users in getting things done with just their audio. It eliminates typing search queries and offers quick delivery of results based on audio search queries. It allows app integration with more platforms using shortcuts APIs on SiriKit Media on Apple TV, Sirikit music on Home Pod, and watch OS 7.

Improved App security

Security is the most important trend for iOS applications. iOS is the first choice among users due to its hardcore security layers and extremely secured policies. iOS mobile application takes care of customer’s data and removes even a small vulnerability with its every latest update.

Cloud integrated iOS Apps

Cloud-based iOS apps are going to become more popular. Mobile apps built on the cloud offer flexibility to run on both iOS and Android that leads to exposing a wider audience. Cloud iOS application offers storage of important files, a safe replica of documents, and backups of your device.

You can hire a cloud mobile app development company for standardizing and consistent development, handle resource-intensive tasks, offloading the heavy lifting to Cloud, and augment your mobile app with imaginative next-generation ios app development services.

Swift5 Programming

Apple has released this with ABI (Application Binary Interface) and binary compatibility. Swift5 is a source compatible with Swift4, Swift 4.1, Swift 4.2, and X code 10.2. During the growing iOS users, the iOS development companies are moving towards using Swift5 Programming to get the best of it and great business impact.


It will not be wrong to say that our day to day life is dependent upon IoT. IoT integrated iOS mobile app developers are more focused on creating iOS mobile applications that can potentially connect with internet-enabled devices. Not only for users convenience but IoT also supports mobile app developers to embed better functionalities by establishing IoT connectivity.

Machine learning

Machine learning is a core reason behind business process automation and decision-making algorithms. Implementing ML in iOS applications improves customer loyalty and experience that leads to improved user engagements. Machine Learning offers several algorithms, based on your business requirements you can leverage the one accordingly.

Three primary algorithms offered by Machine Learning:

  • Supervised learning
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Reinforcement learning

The machine learning algorithms offer industry-specific mobile app development like AI-powered financial assistant, Fitness mobile apps with ML, Healthcare mobile app, Transportation mobile applications, E-commerce, and so on. To get the best of ML technology you can hire a Machine Learning Development Company with a proven track record in the field of industrial automation.

Transformation through AR/VR

An AR/VR mobile application developer can reap the endless potential of AR and VR. Utilizing ARToolkit ensures the app’s compatibility with VR gadgets display, showcases creative content and offers a unique experience. leveraging cutting-edge tools like ARKit, ARToolkit, NyARToolkit, Wikitude, and others helps to provide scalability in iOS mobile apps with high performance. You can hire AR VR mobile app development company for custom AR/VR app development.

Wearable Apps

Wearables are the future!
The wearable iOS app has opened new opportunities to grow the mobile industry. Devices like Apple Watch, Smartwatch, healthcare devices are leading the market at present and it is going to be the biggest hit in the future. Wearable apps are enriched with complex features like display control, notification, call management, and many more.

The expert is the one, who potentially follows the trends on time!
It is an undeniable fact that constantly changing mobile app development technologies affect different industries and marketplace digitally. It leads to a very close competition between various business domains than ever in 2021.

As an entrepreneur, you will want to grow your business with the latest trends for sure. To create an iOS solution that caters your customer’s needs you need an iOS app developer who can create an app securing future trends. Now, the biggest question is who can create a custom iOS mobile application as per your requirements? Who can create a proactive business solution based on the latest trends?

Hire mobile app developer! Yes, hiring an experienced iOS developer will benefit you in numerous ways. You can choose a reputed company for secure and scalable iOS mobile app development services.

So let’s discuss key services you expect from a professional iOS app development service provider?

Custom App Development

Hiring an experienced developer will customize the iPhone application according to your business needs. He/she will provide you expert guidance empowering the devices like iOS iPhone and iPads.

iOS Game Development

You will get exciting, enriched with complex features and high definition gaming applications. By alluring the users of different domains and industries, hiring a professional developer will get you user-friendly app development services.

iOS App Design Solution

A creative app designer will enhance the usability of your mobile app by implementing compelling UI and UX design. You will be offered futuristic layouts for different devices like iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices.

iOS App Porting

To reach a wider audience you can take advantage of a scalable mobile app porting service. It will keep you at the pace of change in mobile trends and explore the immense business opportunities and growth.

Since the inspection, iOS has become highly preferred for businesses and users all over the world. Mobile app development companies are effortlessly trying to integrate new features of iOS using the latest tools and technologies. Entrepreneurs are looking for the trusted iOS service provider, who can convert their business ideas into reality.

But, due to the availability of uncountable mobile app development service providers, it’s a bit hard for them to find the right one. Finding the right option means to make a suitable choice that meets your business needs. There is a certain factor to be noted when you select the iPhone app development company:

How to select the right iPhone application development company?

Relevant Experience

Developing an iOS app is not a matter of a few hours. It takes decades of experience in designing and developing an iOS application attaining business goals. To know whether the company is a great experience holder or not, check the portfolio. Checking the portfolio will let you understand essential factors like effectiveness, quality, experience in developing custom iOS applications, and whether the company is matching your expectation or not.

Proven Track Record

The company must have proven expertise in providing the industry’s leading product. You need to check whether the company has previously worked for the same project as yours or not. To know the work history you can read its existing client’s reviews. It will help you to understand the service and product quality.


You should hire a mobile app development company that believes in exploring new ideas. In this digitally growing era, striking new ideas for innovation is the core requirement. Also, kindly ensure that your partner firm is prompt and does not let you wait for so long. The company must have the potential to meet the deadlines and deliver your product at the right time.

Technical Excellence

For an exceptional iOS app, technical expertise is the key. The developer you are going to hire must have profound knowledge of the Mac OS X framework, iPhone simulator, and OS framework in developing a distinctive iPhone app.


Only a standard iOS app development company can offer you the best quotes for a custom iOS development solution. Such firms can deliver rich quality mobile applications at a reasonable price. For cost-saving mobile app development services, you can check some of the work samples and have prior communication to know the approx budget estimation.

Technology would never fail to surprise you!

The growing trends lead to an increased demand for mobile app development services. iOS mobile applications are doing wonders in different business industries. From AI mobile app to IoT development we already witnessed a lot this year. No doubt, technological advancements will reshape the iOS development industry in the coming years.

iOS applications have the power to grow your business by obtaining maximum productivity. For a premium iOS solution, you can contact Bantva Technology that believes in delivering nothing less than perfect. They are a team of tech enthusiasts for creating an end-to-end iOS mobile application from simplex to complex architecture. Utilizing IoT technologies like Wearables, iBeacon, NFC, BLE they provide Incredible IoT app development services.

Explore the latest tech innovation because it’s about gaining “success”. Follow the trends to serve the need for diversified industry domains.