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Top 7 eCommerce Development Trends For 2021

In the past few years, the eCommerce industry has made remarkable growth around the world. Indeed, retail eCommerce sales amounted to (US$)3.53 trillion worldwide in 2019 which is projected to reach (US$)4.92 trillion in 2021. This easy stat tells the whole story of the success of the eCommerce industry worldwide. This enticing growth in the industry is luring many sellers into setting up their e-stores to sell online. Hence eCommerce development services are in full swing around the world.

Moreover, if you want to create an eCommerce website then you will want to have it built with the latest trends in the market. Now 2021 is around the corner and the eCommerce development trends that will rule this year have started to roll out. So, here we will take a plunge into these trends to know more about these trends.

Significance of eCommerce for businesses

With the proliferation of the internet in every part of the world, online activities have surged to new heights. Online purchase has also risen considerably in the past years that have encouraged lots of businesses to go online. Online shopping has become the new normal with people buying almost anything from the comfort of their homes. Ecommerce has become a great source of income for businesses and they are investing in this field.

7 eCommerce Development Trends for 2021

1. Voice Commerce

It is estimated that the figure of smart speaker users will rise to 18% by 2021. It tells about the increasing popularity of smart speakers and gives hints on the rise of voice commerce around the world. This new way of shopping will also set a trend in 2021 and smart speakers will be your ticket to online shopping in the near future. So when you decide to create an online store, you can consider voice commerce in your eCommerce website development strategy to get greater ROI.

Here are some ways to prepare your eCommerce site for voice search:

  • Optimize content to appear in voice queries.
  • Ensure a simple flow to buy your products through voice search.
  • Add new skills to Google Assistants and Amazon Alexa.
  • Provide voice-based navigation on your app or website.

2. Social Commerce

This is another key eCommerce trend that you cannot miss out to get higher benefits from your eCommerce website. Nowadays, shoppers are having integrated experience on social media platforms that give them the opportunity to grab the best deals. With the increasing intensity of online ads on social media platforms, people can know about products more conveniently on these platforms and follow respective links to buy the desired products.

In 2021, social commerce will be one of the hottest eCommerce market trends that will have an impact on the eCommerce web development industry. Hence social media integration is a prudent step towards the development of successful eCommerce websites.

3. AR/VR

Today, most of the people around the world are acquainted with AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) technologies. The evolution of both these technologies has revolutionized many industries. And, AR/VR technology is also a boon for the eCommerce industry. One downside with online shopping that people often raise is the inability to see products. AR and VR technologies are working as bridges to remove these hurdles in online shopping.

With AR technology, shoppers can visualize products in the real world that allows them to understand whether a product meets their demands. On the other hand, virtual reality connects the real world to the virtual world providing a virtual experience. With VR technology, online stores can offer in-store experience and provide greater details to help customers make the right decisions. The use of AR/VR is an excellent trend for eCommerce that will rule 2021 too.

4. Omnichannel Selling

Omnichannel selling is becoming important for online businesses as these days shopping is not bound to a particular channel. Nowadays, people can buy products on Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and many other online platforms. Hence opting for multichannel selling has become the new normal in the eCommerce industry. This is a key trend that you should consider in your eCommerce development strategy. Below are some ways to enhance the omnichannel experience:

  • Optimize the site for mobile devices and try investing in a PWA if you have a budget.
  • Offer personalized customer experience.
  • Utilize tools like SAP Commerce Cloud to offer a personalized experience.

If you are considering B2B eCommerce development, then you should keep the omnichannel aspect in mind.

5. AI in eCommerce

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already been utilized in eCommerce for intelligent product recommendations. Moreover, technology has taken the pace in a few years with the evolution of better algorithms. It is not only a prevailing eCommerce development trend in 2020 but it will rise as one of the major eCommerce development trends in 2021 too.

With the help of this technology eCommerce websites can make smarter product recommendations and enhance the customer experience. AI will help eCommerce businesses to analyze trends along with sales channels and buyer behavior to ascertain the best time, price, and place to list their products. So, it will boost the sales and marketing efforts of businesses.

6. Increase in Mobile Shopping

With the rising trust in online shopping among buyers, they are now feeling comfortable to shop online via mobile devices. The number of mobile device users has increased sharply in the past few years that has led to a mobile dominant world. No business can today ignore mobile optimization when it comes to eCommerce web development due to the increasing dominance of mobiles in the world.

Creating mobile-optimized websites has been one of the hottest trends of 2020 and the same will continue in 2021 too. Creating an eCommerce website that offers a pleasing experience on both desktops and mobiles has become essential to stay competitive and derive hefty revenues.

7. PWA

One of the key trends that are becoming very popular in the eCommerce industry is the use of PWA or Progressive Web Apps. Online businesses are always in the search of ways to improve their sales and enhance the customer experience in their online stores. A progressive web app is the best way to meet both of these ends.

A PWA is a website that has the form of a mobile application. Instead of developing and launching high-cost native mobile apps, eCommerce businesses can take advantage of PWAs to provide a better mobile experience. If you are considering Magento development services or PrestaShop development service, then investing in the PWA development service can bring several benefits for your businesses.

Wrapping up

Online shopping is reaching new heights with more and more buyers feeling comfortable with buying online. You can choose the best eCommerce development company to build a cutting-edge online store for your business and start selling online. By choosing to sell online you can take your business to new heights and harness the potential of eCommerce websites to maximize your revenue from the retail business.

You will always want to implement the latest eCommerce development trends on your website to make sure that it is fully updated. You can follow the top eCommerce development trends for 2021 to develop a robust website that entails all excellent functionalities.